Marijuana proponents gathered on Boston Common Saturday afternoon t0 celebrate the 23rd annual MassCann/NORML Freedom Rally–better known as Hempfest–and they weren’t shy about showing off their stash online.

To prepare for the pro-pot event, smokers and tokers took to social media to Tweet about what they would be doing once they got to the outdoor, open-space celebration.

While many may have used the pot rally as an excuse to get high in the Hub, most went to listen to the bands and take-in something other than just smoke.

There were various speeches from those in favor of some serious marijuana reform in Massachusetts as well as a push to get medicinal marijuana legalized by approving a ballot question this November when voters head to the polls.

If passed, the new law would allow dispensaries to sell weed to people with debilitating diseases and eliminate state criminal and civil penalties for use by those patients.

By high-noon on Saturday, #Hempfest was trending in Boston on Twitter.