As Bostonians, we had a lot to be proud of in 2012. We were ranked the smartest city in North America, and the best city in the nation for both entrepreneurs and recent college grads. We may be all business in the front, but, like any good mullet, we like to party in the back. That’s why I am extremely proud to tell you, that for the second year in a row, Boston was named the drunkest city in America.

Cheers to that!

The news comes from The Daily Beast, who looked at data from three sources to determine their rankings:

To figure out which cities imbibe the most throughout the year, The Daily Beast first reached out to market researcher Experian Marketing Services for recent data on the average number of alcoholic drinks per month per adult, in each metro area. They also pulled data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the percentage of residents who are considered “binge drinkers” and “heavy drinkers.” For the final ranking, the average drinks per month rank was weighted 50 percent; the binge-drinking and the heavy-drinking population for each metro area each got a 25-percent weighting.

Based on those criteria, here’s how Boston faired when it came to boozing:

  • Avg. alcoholic drinks consumed by adults per month: 15.6
  • Percentage of population classified as binge drinkers: 20.1%
  • Percentage of population classified as heavy drinkers: 7.4%

Now, this crown as the Drunkest City in America explains a lot more of Boston’s 2012 rankings for me.

Last year, Boston was found to have the highest number of walks of shame, based on data from Uber. Alcohol leads to bad romantic decisions. That explains that.

Then, Boston was named the third most sinful city in the nation, committing at least one of the seven deadly sins six times a week. Lust topped the list, but we’re guessing gluttony, with all its bottles of red wine, wasn’t too far behind.

Soon after, Boston became home to some of the drunkest singles in the country. Because everyone looks better with beer goggles on, of course.

Later on, Bostonians were deemed some of the most likely to lose our cell phones. It’s hard to keep it from falling onto the floor of the cab while your drunk texting your ex-boyfriend. We know.

And finally, Boston was crowned one of the worst cities in which to own a dog. I’m not sure what that has to do with being drunk, but I imagine Fido doesn’t take it to well when his master is out at the bar until close every night. He just wants to get his Frisbee on.

So, Boston, should we make a collective a New Year’s resolution to be more sober in 2013? Or stick with what we know and continue our imbibing for another 12 months? I support the latter.