Monday’s attack is almost certainly the most recorded event of its kind in history, thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones. And so the first challenge for authorities is to stitch together as many views of the bombing as possible, not just from traditional sources like the Lord & Taylor camera that has reportedly aided the investigation, but from the public as well.

The FBI has asked that photos and videos be submitted by email. But Boston entrepreneur Jared Chung, founder of the nonprofit CareerVillage, has built a site to streamline the process. lets users upload images and videos and offers to send them along to authorities. It also requires users to license their media as in the public domain. As Chung wrote to BostInno by email:

After donating to the TUGG campaign yesterday I wanted to do more, so I got together with a few other startup folks and we pulled together to help people upload lots of images. The FBI and BPD will need as many photos and videos as possible to find and prosecute their suspects. After an all-nighter last night, we just put the site live and I’d like to ask for your support in getting the word out to anyone who was at or around the marathon and took and photos or videos, or works in the media.

No word on whether law enforcement appreciates the service, which has had only a few images uploaded so far. But you have to appreciate the turnaround. And I can’t help but think that there is room for this kind of streamlining.