Ladies of Boston, if you’re going on a date this weekend, you better be willing to put out. Aggressive statement, I know. But hear me out: according to a new survey from Glamour and, one out of eight Boston men, or 12.5 percent, expect sex on the first date, which is the highest ratio of any city in the nation.

Well, that statistic might contribute to the next finding of the survey: Bostonian women are the most unhappy with their dating lives. In fact, 26.4 percent of women here dislike the dating scene, the highest percentage in the country.

As a lady in Boston, I’d just like to say: ughhhh.

Last month, another study revealed the Boston women are the 7th least sexually satisfied in country, while Bostonian gentlemen (can we call them that?) are the 6th most sexually satisfied in the country. Um yea, major disconnect.

For those ladies looking for love, you’re better off elsewhere. According to Glamour, a whopping 86.7 percent of women in DC are happy with their dating lives, the highest percentage in the nation. I predict an influx of women moving from the Hub to the nation’s capital. And honestly, I don’t blame them. The situation up here is absolutely dire.

The only glimmer of hope? In every state in the country, including Massachusetts, there are more unmarried men than women between the ages of 18 to 39. So, while there are eligible bachelors out there, they’re likely to expect sex on the first date and not be very satisfying between the sheets. Lose lose? I’d venture to say yes.