Boston Tech Companies Make the Inc. 500/5000

Inc.’s annual list of fastest-growing private companies is out—and as usual, the revenue disclosures are more interesting than the growth rate (which favors those with a small amount of revenue to begin with). Those making the top 2,000 from the Boston area’s tech industry include:

  • 93. CloudLock, $9.1 million
  • 274. Localytics, $9.1 million
  • 344. VMTurbo, $25.1 million
  • 426. Extreme Reach $214.1 million
  • 510. Next Step Living, $101 million
  • 538. Disruptor Beam, $7 million
  • 567. WordStream, $10 million
  • 656. EverQuote, $61.9 million
  • 732. Pixability, $4.4 million
  • 744. CarGurus, $37.6 million
  • 757. Ironside Group, $21.8 million
  • 1060. Valore, $65.3 million
  • 1167. DataXu, $167.5 million
  • 1183. Acquia, $101.5 million
  • 1184. Unitrends, $69.3 million
  • 1236. Applause, $37.9 million
  • 1811. Dimagi, $7.9 million
  • 1821. AppNeta, $11.7 million
  • 1972. Raizlabs, $5 million
Revenue figures are for calendar year 2014, according to Inc. — Kyle Alspach

How Change Collective Is Working to Get Us Meditating

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Lingering Questions Remain About Boston 2024

In its first (and only) quarterly report, Boston 2024 noted that it had raised approximately $14 million since its January 2014 start. Clearly, more was raised in the second quarter of 2015, even as the bid encountered increasing trouble. Exactly what happens to that money has not been revealed. Of course, it’s not even known if the bid will necessarily finish with a surplus. >>> Read more on BostInno – Hayden Bird

3 Factors We’re Watching in Wayfair’s Q2 Earnings Report [Updating]

As of noon Tuesday, the stock price was up marginally (0.71 percent) to $38.40. Wayfair went public in the fall, marking Boston’s biggest tech IPO in years. How are things shaping up now? Here are a few factors we’re going to be keeping an eye on when the results hit. We’ll be updating this report with new information as it comes out. >>> Read more on BostInno – Rebecca Strong

Rental Beast Founder Talks Listings, Market Trends & Apartment Horror Stories

One locally-based startup aptly called Rental Beast provides prospective renters and landlords a free platform to find and list units in a centralized database for the utmost efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With access to roughly 70-80 percent of market listings, it’s safe to say Rental Beast and its personnel have their fingers on the pulse of Boston’s real estate scene. >>> Read more on BostInno – Nick DeLuca