Uber is quickly revolutionizing the transportation industry. In Boston in particular residents, neighbors and tourists alike are simply fed up with the unpredictable nature of the traditional cab service. Wondering whether they’ll take you to a certain part of the city, if they’ll accept credit and debit cards or if they’ll take you the long way home aren’t far from peoples’ minds.

Newly anointed Boston Police Commissioner Bill Evans, though, referred to Uber as a collection of “gypsy cabs” because of the simple fact that they’re regulated differently than taxis, more specifically, that they’re regulated as an independent company.

Commissioner Evans made his comments on WBZ radio and warned users that nobody really knows who’s behind the wheels the black car livery service, and it could even be the likes of a sex offender.

But Uber rep Meghan Joyce says the commissioner’s accusations are without any basis and he’s simply crying wolf.

“That is just patently false,” Joyce told CBS Boston. “The fact is, our background checks are the strictest in the city, the strictest in the industry.”

CBS Boston also spoke with Mayor Marty Walsh to get his thoughts on Uber, and while he’s not a tech-savvy individual by self-admission, he understands that it’s a popular service that not only provides reliable and safe transportation, but jobs and startup clout for Boston and neighboring Cambridge.

“As long as they do backgrounds we are fine with them. Uber is very popular,” Mayor Marty Walsh commented.

Commissioner Evans’s lack of understanding with Uber is no reason to try foul against the head of the BPD. He’s cut from the same cloth as the mayor, a local neighborhood guy whose generation simply wasn’t reared on the kind of technology we have today. But for him to claim that Uber drivers are in league with dangerous individuals will only scare users from putting the service to good use. Perhaps the commish will learn a thing or two about public relations in his new gig.