After all the court cases, lawyers, celebrities and General Assemblies, apparently all it comes down to for Occupy Boston is a kitchen sink. Yes, you read that correctly. At about 8:30pm on Thursday evening, the Boston Police Department sent their Emergency Deployment team down to Dewey Square to remove an industrial kitchen sink brought into the encampment for hygiene purposes.

As the police loaded the sink into the van, things started heating up when Occupy Boston protesters refused to let the van drive away. According several tweets from protesters and bystanders, the police began moving in on the camp, surrounding Atlantic Avenue with flex plastic handcuffs at the ready. Eventually, protesters backed down, allowing the van to drive away peacefully and undoubtedly avoiding a much larger scuffle that could have resulted in arrests similar those on October 11 at Dewey Square.

Tonight’s strange turn of events is a perfect example of the mounting tensions between the city and Occupy Boston, piqued by a legal battle in the Suffolk Superior Court on Thursday. Thus far, the case has largely rested on a debate between the protesters’ First Amendment rights and public health and safety issues at Dewey Square. A decision for the injunction will be on or by December 15.

Several questions remain unanswered from tonight’s kitchen sink scuffle: Who gave the orders to remove the sink? Under what grounds was the sink removed? Will Occupy Boston be allowed to bring in another sink for hygiene purposes?

Check out a Storify of the events below. You can always count on Twitter for hilarious jokes about a kitchen sink.

Image courtesy of @ddmcguire