Boston parking spots are so rare after a winter storm, that motorists allegedly go to great lengths to protect a shoveled-out area.

Boston Police are investigating seven different reports of vandalized vehicles that occurred after last weekend’s historic blizzard, all of which they say may be tied to disputes over parking spaces that had been cleared of snow.

According to police reports, in the span of a few days, officers received complaints in Brighton, Charlestown, Roxbury, Dorchester and East Boston, where driver’s cars were either damaged, or the tires were slashed, after they parked their cars in empty spaces.

On Tuesday, February 12, police responded to Byron Street in East Boston where they met with a driver who claimed he moved a chair from a parking space and then parked his car in the empty spot.

Police said the victim returned to his car the following day, and noticed he had two slashed tires.

That same morning, officers responded to Charlestown, where a female driver told police that she discovered a nail in her tire, which was flat.

Police also received two calls for vandalism in Brighton on Tuesday morning. The first call came from a person in Litchfield Street. The victim told police someone slashed one of her tires after she moved items from the “saved” spot, prior to parking.

Several minutes later police in Brighton got a call from a man, who claimed someone threw a wooden sawhorse at his car, damaging it.

In Roxbury, a resident on Elm Street called police Tuesday afternoon when he discovered his car window was smashed because he was allegedly partially blocking a neighbor’s shoveled out parking spot.

The last two reports were received on Wednesday, several days after the storm swept into the Bay State and dumped heavy snow all over Boston.

Police said a resident in Brighton parked her car on Snow Street, and when she went to check on it, she discovered two tires were flat.

The last reported call came in from Dorchester, on Mayfield Street. The victim told police that he parked his vehicle on February 12, at 5 p.m., and when he returned to his car the next day, he noticed his front tires were slashed.

When a Snow Emergency is declared in Boston, residents who shovel out spots can leave place holders in the parking spaces for up to 48-hours after the emergency is lifted.

Police said anyone interested in assisting in the investigation anonymously can either call the Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 1(800) 494-TIPS or text the word ‘TIP’ to CRIME (27463).

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