In the near future, Bostonians will likely have a new place to purchase fresh local produce: Haymarket. Don’t worry, not that Haymarket – where vendors yell at you, from underneath suspect tarps, proclaiming each piece of fruit they’re offering is, in fact, the best edible ever.

No. I’m referring to the Haymarket MBTA station.

(Check out a Buzzfeed style GIF tour of the facility)

The Boston Globe  reports, construction of the Boston Public Market is set to begin, and has been slated for an early 2015 opening.

The market will fill the ground floor of the state-owned building that sits atop the Haymarket T station. Currently, the Globe reports, the building serves as a vent stack for the I-93 tunnel. Numerous renovation plans, however, need state and federal approval.

This spring, customers will be given a taste of what’s to come in the indoor food market, when upwards of 15 vendors start selling products up and down an outdoor strip along the the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway.

The public market’s official address will be 136 Blackstone Street. Inside, roughly 40 vendors will offer customers local, fresh and prepared food options, as well non-edible products, like flowers and candles, throughout 28,000 square feet of space.

The project is being spearheaded by the non-profit Boston Public Market Association. Thus far, the group has already raised millions of dollars, but still needs millions more to fully construct and open the facility.

“With construction slated to begin soon and our new seasonal market opening on the plaza in May, we need your support more than ever to keep the momentum going,” read a statement on the BPM’s blog.

The organization is looking for donations, more Twitter followers and Facebook friends, in order to increase awareness and get necessary funding,

Should plans come to fruition, this guy wonders, which will be the better juxtaposition: the BPM and current Haymarket vendors? Or, the BPM and Quincy Market?


 Image via BPM blog