Our pals down in DC think they’re so cool being ranked the sixth best city to find social media jobs. And that is cool. But according to the infographic put out by Onward Search, Boston came in fifth, and that makes us cooler. You just don’t see us bragging about it. It’s great to know that we live in a city that caters to and promotes innovation. Social Media isn’t going anywhere and Boston figured that out early.

“Hiring a social media professional is no longer an afterthought for successful companies,” said Ken Clark, chief operating officer at Onward Search in a press release. “We created the Social Media Jobs Salary Guide to show job seekers where their social media skills are needed the most and what options they have for building a truly successful career.”

California has four cities in the top 20, but DC, Boston and New York, all in the top six, prove that you don’t need to change time zones to get a good job in social media. We’ve got plenty of opportunities here. The left coast is for vacationing anyway. This is where stuff gets done.

It’s interesting that the most opportunities are on the coastlines, too, as seen in the map below. The middle of the country isn’t entirely barren, but there is a distinct departure, it seems, from the amount of opportunity on the coasts as you go toward the middle of the country.

The graphic put out by Onward Search also breaks down a list of social media titles for those interested in getting into the game, proving that there are many ways to make money through social media. You can be anything from a content writer, the most in-demand social media job according to the graphic, to a Digital Marketing Project Manager.