It’s official: Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s latest palatial endeavor will be built off of Woodland Road in Brookline. Brookline has finally approved plans for the 14,317-square-foot home, and construction on the 5.3-acre lot has commenced. A story released by the Boston Herald has the details.

Now, the couple has naturally included a few upscale amenities like a home theater, gym and “great lawn,” but, being a superstar couple and all, they’ve added a few over-the-top features, too. Sadly, their future Chestnut Hill home won’t hold a candle to their LA digs in terms of extravagance. There will be no moat or bridge as part of this construction.

Medieval security measures aside, here are a couple noteworthy niceties:

Basement spa: Forget your dimly-lit cave of a basement. This house is taking the nether regions to a whole new level with a basement spa. The space will be decked out with a sauna, massage bed, and rehab tub. 

Motor court: The city of Boston may be dealing with parking issues, but Brady and Bundchen are oh-so-above that. Their digs will include a motor court, which, by definition, appears to imply a motel, though we’re guessing in this context it’s taken to mean exactly the opposite: Not a barren parking lot prone to late-night break-ins, but a lavish, temperature-controlled oasis where multiple cars can park out of the elements.

Baja shelf: Despite our freezing/unpredictable climate, the home will have a pool and hot tub. The pool design also includes something deemed a “Baja shelf,” which is apparently a large shallow area in a pool. You know, like the shelves … in Baja?

Library: There will be a library on the first floor – pretty standard stuff. The plans also call for a balcony from the library looking down to the basement gym. After all, who wouldn’t want to gaze down at Tom Brady lifting weights in between page-flips? Or, like, the world’s most baller supermodel?

Wine storage room: Some of you who are into wine may have invested in a wine fridge (while others thoughtlessly cram bottles wherever they’ll fit in the kitchen). But imagine wandering into a room in your home filled floor-to-ceiling with bottles of wine. We imagine it’ll be something like this – but better.

Sounds extraordinary. But enough to top this gem?

Rendering via Boston Herald