We’re all a bit bitter this morning after last night’s Super Bowl upset. Thirteen students from UMass Amherst, however, must be feeling even worse. Nothing says “Happy Monday” quite like waking up in a jail cell.

Immediately following the end of the game, thousands of students poured out of their dorms into the center of campus. They were met by a large contingent of UMass police, Amherst police and Massachusetts State Police, according to MassLive, who proceeded to fire smoke bombs and pepper balls to break up the mob 15 minutes after they’d tried issuing dispersal orders.

Several students began filming the scene (below), and you can hear in the videos chants like “F*ck the Giants” and “F*ck the police.” Students were also seen smashing beer bottles and setting off fireworks. One student actually decided to scale a building, while another was restrained by three officers.

UMass Amherst spokesman Edward Blaguszewski estimates there were 1,500 people rioting. Other witnesses claim it was closer to 3,000. Good news is that there were no apparent injuries.

Students from UMass Amherst are known for their riots. Following the Patriots’ 2008 loss to the Giants, police made eight arrests after about 500 students formed a mob. Had only they listened to former New York Giants’ receiver Victor Cruz, former UMass player, who encouraged students in a pre-game message to “watch the game, be safe, enjoy the parties and don’t hurt anybody or anything.”

As someone who was down by the TD Garden last night, this story is slightly amusing. Police lined the streets surrounding the Garden, looking all serious, and nothing. Everyone was so depressed, they couldn’t even think of rioting. We all just wanted to go home, which was harder to do with all the barricades. Lesson learned, BPD: When the going gets tough, maybe the tough should head to UMass Amherst.

Here are some videos from last night’s riot —

Photo courtesy of MassLive and Michael Beswick