Boston tops a lot of lists— the best schools, world-renowned hospitals, greatest innovative companies—but now, locals want to set another record in the Bay State capital, and put the Hub on the map.

According to a Facebook page created during the Blizzard, locals are planning on gathering near Beacon Hill to try and take over the Guinness World Record for biggest snowball fight.

“We want to see if our city can work together in less than 48 hours to pull something this big off,” according to the event’s creator. “Dream big, right?”

With the MBTA shutdown, and travel on roads banned for the time being, Bostonians are being called upon to trudge through the Blizzard and step over the mounds of snow to hold one of the largest snowball fight-bonanzas in the history of the world.
Since the group didn’t have months to plan the event, and it became a spur of the moment dream, the group is organizing “punk rock style,” they said.

They plan on trying to tally the amount of people who attend the snowball fight by having everyone check in on social media, and then recalculating the total later on.

Those who participate are urged to use the social media hashtags #bostonsnowballfight and #nemostyle and meet at the corner of Beacon Street and Charles Street.

The fight starts at noon, and will go on for just a short while, according to the event page.

“Teaming together to celebrate the freak snowstorm for a euphoric 30 minutes,” the event administrators said in the post. “Please be safe, bring a helmet and goggles if you dare and get ready to show Nemo who is boss.”

Boston University students were a couple thousand people short of meeting the record, which is currently held by Seattle residents.

Students from the university met on the Esplanade on Friday night and engaged in a “snowbrawl” of epic proportions. That is, until police showed up and shut the snowball fight down.