If you’re the type of meat eater who scoffs at any dish trying to pass as food despite being made without even a hint of meat, then you might not want to hear this, but … you’re missing out.

Vegetarians (otherwise known as those who voluntarily choose to live a life without bacon), often receive a bad rep, accused of eating like rabbits, munching solely on crunchy granola, tasteless tofu, and plain lettuce leaves piled high atop a bed of lettuce. But, that’s just not the case. And Boston’s population of vegetarian restaurants are working to prove there’s more to going meatless than feeling sad.

Just look at Central Square’s Veggie Galaxy, for example. The spot that folds vegetarian fare into a classic diner vibe, and also houses a vegan bakery with the best Boston Creme Pie in town (says me), was named this month to Travel and Leisure’s list of Best Vegetarian Restaurants in the U.S. And you don’t receive national recognition for blandness. Veggie Galaxy is one of those vegetarian restaurants that non-vegetarians can visit and not even notice, or mind, that meat is starkly absent from the menu. (I know from experience, as a non-vegetarian myself.)

So where else in Boston has fantastic food sans meat? We’ve compiled a list of 10 of Boston’s best vegetarian menus, because we could all benefit from eating a little less animal—there is an entire campaign dedicated to the practice, after all.