There are palm trees in Faneuil Hall. Seriously, look:

But the mastermind behind this SimCity re-imagining didn’t just stop at Faneuil Hall. He digitally constructed the whole city of Boston as an online companion named, yep, Beantown. Uploaded to Arch Boston SIX years ago, we’re learning that sometimes it takes more than half a decade for anyone to take note of something cool.

Funny story about Phil Boucher, the man behind it all (as reported by WBUR). He now drums for Gentlemen Hall, a band which we’ve written about on a handful of occasions, most recently to preview their set at the Rumble on the River Festival. You decide for yourself which endeavor is a more valuable way to spend time and energy.

Not to nitpick, but that doesn’t look anything like Fenway Park, homie. It’s green, sure, but where’s the monster? There’s waaaay too much foul territory in left field to convince anyone we’re getting an aerial view of the Fens. Clean it up!

Also, and forgive me if this is a totally regular part of Boston that I’ve somehow never known about as a life long resident of Massachusetts, but what the heck is that castle? That’s not real, right? Can’t be. I don’t know what’s going on there, but I feel like they definitely have ice cream. And I definitely want ice cream.

If you can’t spot the castle, you should be able to see it here. It’ll be the giant castle right in front of your face. I wonder what T line it’s off of? It looks like it might be the C or D line given its proximity to Fenway Park, but I also have no idea how that whole North/South/East/West thing works, so disregard everything I just said.

For any flaws there might be, it should be noted that this is a better job than what the average person could likely put together. If I tried this, there isn’t a chance I wouldn’t accidentally build a fence around the Mayor, a fatal condition for even the wittiest Sims character. He’d spend his days screaming for someone, anyone to tear down the fence before so he could go back to kissing babies and the like. Yes, I can hear your screams, Mayor. But I don’t speak Simlish. Now wither. There’s a fire that needs starting in a South End Kitchen. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

Head to Arch Boston for the rest of the pictures. They’re pretty wild.