There is another winter storm approaching Massachusetts, marking the third consecutive weekend that residents will likely need to break out their shovels and ice-scrapers to clear out their cars and driveways.

And for anyone who has ever secretly felt like after putting in hours of manual labor, plow drivers are intentionally pushing massive chunks of ice and slush onto the end of their driveway, well: you’re probably not being paranoid.

In a video posted on YouTube by user “BlackDogXXX,” who identifies himself as an area plow truck driver, the man behind the wheel recorded himself traveling down a street in Massachusetts while gloating about the fact that he was burying peoples’ vehicles, and access to the streets, with mounds of snow.

“Plowing snow with DOGG! Pushing back snowbanks to clear the storm drains,” the video’s creator said in the description on YouTube. “NO cars were harmed in the making of this video, just a lot of hard feelings and sore backs from shoveling out.”

With what might be the quintessential Boston accent, “Dogg” lets out hoots and cackles as he gladly shoves aside heavy snowfall from the streets and lets it stack up on top of parked cars.

“You won’t see that f****** thing until spring,” “Dogg” said as he ruthlessly cruised down the street with the plow to the ground, creating waves of snow that flooded over the tops of vehicles.

The video, posted on February 9, after Nemo dropped nearly two-feet of snow on most of the Bay State, features “Dogg’s” profanity-laced commentary, including knocking residents for shoveling their whole driveway, and pushing snow out to the road.

“It ain’t my fault,” “Dogg” rants in the video. “This is my enjoyment part…the part where you got to go back pushing f****** embankments six feet high….pushing the snow like Tony Montana.”

The video has received mixed reactions on YouTube, which ranged from “must be awesome being a d****bag to people for enjoyment,” to praising “Dogg” for his epic commentary, thick Hub accent and F-bomb-dropping capabilities.

Accoding to CBS Boston, the driver was fired from his plow job in Lowell, after doing a radio interview with Karlson and McKenzie on WZLX this week, where he continued to brag about the enjoyment he gets from burying peoples vehicles.

h/t BarstoolSports for originally posting the video.