Celtics forward Gerald Wallace was in the news recently for calling out his teammates in the media, following their less-than spectacular display in a 104-89 preseason loss against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday.

Wallace is already raising alarm bells for fans, desperate to hear that the team will shake off current expectations that they’re firmly in rebuilding mode. From one standpoint, it does seem encouraging that Wallace is attempting to be a leader on the team. His career is certainly more accomplished than many of his current teammates, though that doesn’t exactly say a lot given the general youth on the Celtics bench. That said, a quick examination of his Wikipedia page (don’t scoff, we know you check Wikipedia too) reveals one really sad line.

It’s taken from the part that’s talking about Wallace’s time on the only playoff team that the Charlotte Bobcats have ever known, during the 2009-2010 season, when they were swept by the Orlando Magic.

It reads:

In the first-ever playoff game for the Bobcats, Wallace led the team with 25 points. This thus stood as a playoff single game scoring record for the Bobcats until game 2 of the series, when Stephen Jackson broke the record by scoring 27 points.

First of all, “This thus”? Are we watching Lincoln? (No seriously, Daniel Day-Lewis uses that exact phrase in the movie, though in a joking way. Even in fake-1865, they would be laughing at this.)

And beyond the questionable syntax, they – whoever the hell “they” is here – actually take to time to state that he held the record for playoff-scoring … for one game? Was that necessary? Has he accomplished so little in his career that a record which lasted an anti-DiMaggio streak of one measly game is worth mentioning?

I know, what was I expecting from a Wikipedia page? I guess that’s true; but I definitely wasn’t expecting that.

The fact is, Wallace has spent much of his career on bad teams, but has fought well in largely losing causes.

Still, he was responsible for this little mishap, so I think the jury’s still out (the 2013 Celtics, get excited!) … 



Image via Graham Hughes/AP