When an employee calls in sick to work, teams are left to pick up the slack. Working with even just one coworker down for multiple days, companies and teams’ deliverables can become delayed and schedules seriously in need of shifting.

Alex Adeli experienced this frustration acutely while running his dental practice in Boston. “When one of my hygienists called in sick, we were shorthanded. We would have to push back appointments,” Adeli told BostInno. What’s more, discovering quality temporary dental professionals to stand in – not to mention training them – was also hard, not to mention the added price of bringing in an additional worker. It was both a drain on the bottom line and the day-to-day.

Chatting with other members of his network, he soon realized this was a major pain point for others within the healthcare industry, so he decided to pursue a solution.

TempDaddy is a digital platform that allows offices to instantly hire temporary dental and healthcare professionals.

Doctors and dentists create work assignments and designate the duration of time and price they are willing to pay. Professionals looking for temp work set their preferred price, hours and distance they’re willing to drive. Office representatives can then flip through qualified talent in the smartphone or web app until they find a few contacts that fit the description, at which point they can reach out and offer the job.

When a temp worker accepts the job, he or she will get interactive, in-app directions to the office. Once at the office, he or she checks in via TempDaddy, at which point the app begins to record hours on the job. When the day is done, the professional checks out. Soon after, a notification confirming payment from the office pops up.

“The healthcare industry isn’t known for being tech savvy,” admitted the dentist-turned-entrepreneur. But if the need is big enough, TempDaddy will not only stick, but spread to larger practices and hospitals around the country, continued Adeli.

The platform also offers a slew of other features that ease the process. In addition to the temp matchmaking solution and optional automated payroll, TempDaddy offers back-end office support with tax reporting information and full access to a potential candidate’s credentials, background check, work experience and malpractice insurance verification.

Basically, it does the time-intensive heavy-lifting involved with bringing on a temporary worker, allowing offices to stay effective even if they find themselves surprisingly short-handed.

The company, which bootstrapped a small round of friends and family funding in the fall, currently consists of a handful of employees, and is advised by Milenko Beslic, CTO of Pingup.

Added Adeli, “We really want to make the whole process more convenient and seamless for both sides.”

Watch the video below to learn more: