Today started out like any other normal day.  Then we got an email from Dave Balter with the text “You guys interested in posting a short funny piece I wrote on how to get revenge on HubSpot when they steal your engineers?  (yeah yeah).” Christmas come early!

Dave Balter – known for hosting adult proms, investing and selling companies – apparently has some beef with the orange sprocket wielding folks over in Cambridge. Well, Balter decided to take to the internets and make it the talk of the town by publishing this article, providing some much needed advice for others in the startup community on how to exact your revenge of the big orange machine. Awesome.

The post has been a top of our chartbeat for a few hours now and the comments are downright hilarious. One comment by Chris O’Donnell really caught our attention with a snarky meme that has sparked this post.

Welcome to memeifying Boston’s newest feud, Balter vs. Hubspot.

I hope you enjoy this as much as we do. So much so that we invite all of you to contribute your own memes in the comments – the best one (chosen by us) gets a $50 gift card to Back Deck. Have fun and remember the BostInno team is in play for memeification as well, see our last two slides!