If I were to ask you who your favorite musical artist or band is, what would you say? My humble guess is that Neil Young probably isn’t your number one, let alone in your top five. Given that some heretics out there don’t even know who Paul McCartney is, I wouldn’t be surprised that Young is far from the minds of people who are inclined to jam out on a consistent basis.

A new map compiled by Director of Developer Platform for The Echo Nest Paul Lamere shows that the most widely listened to artist, which could also be construed in terms of popularity, in Massachusetts, is folk rock singer-songwriter Neil Young.

First, let me explain how the data was compiled. This wasn’t an all-inclusive look into the musical tastes of every single resident of the commonwealth.

Rather, Lamere compounded data from a number of sources – he refused to disclose every one because, as he notes in the comment section, “the exact amount of data available and the contributing services to the dataset are not public” – including Spotify based on “listening preferences of about a quarter million listeners that have a zip code associated with their account.”

He then clumped listeners into their respective region, and compared music preferences to other states to demonstrate the difference between them. Taking Tennessee and New England as an example, Lamere’s data shows how the preference of ten bands and/or artists differentiates between the two.

As you’ll see in New England, states like Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, along with Massachusetts, prefer bands of the classic rock variety, though a touch on the folky side, with the likes of Phish, The Grateful Dead and REM. Rhode Island prefers grunge band Nirvana which, depending on your age group, could be, or soon be, considered classic rock.

For some reason, Connecticut would rather rock out to club music by David Guetta.

I have to hand it to Bay Staters. Neil Young is a solid choice for a favorite act. I’ll admit that his solo performances don’t register on my personal list, but when he teamed up with David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash to formed the aptly named group Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, I am most certainly on board. Seriously, “Woodstock” is my jam. Check out it below out if you want a crash course in true rock and roll.

What are your thoughts, Boston? Is Neil Young one of your personal faves? Does his music exemplify the musical preferences of residents statewide? Would you rather see someone else as the commonwealth’s number on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.