Boston uberX trips now cost 25 percent less.

On Friday afternoon, Uber Boston announced in a blog post that the company is slashing prices for a limited time, “making it nearly half the price of a taxi.” Though the 25 percent fare cuts “may” only last for a limited time, Uber users could potentially force the company to keep lower prices in effect longer – maybe permanently.

“…The more you ride, the more likely they’ll last,” Uber said.

Current Uber users can tell their friends about the promo using an invite code, which can be redeemed using log-in information. First time users will receive $10 off their first trip, and current users will receive $10 for every new uberX referral.

Here are current price-estimates for select uberX trips in Boston:

Earlier this week, on June 10, Uber similarly slashed Seattle uberX prices 25 percent. GeekWire reports, Uber Seattle GM Brooke Steger assured that fare cuts would not impact uberX drivers’ profit.

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Like Boston, Seattle uberX price-cuts could remain in place, if the volume of trips surges.

The timing of the Seattle promo is curious, GeekWire notes, with the city’s mayor, Ed Murray threatening to issue a cease-and-desist to Uber, Lyft and Sidecar, if the companies can’t come to terms with Seattle taxi industry stakeholders and City officials on set of regulations.

Mayor Murray imposed a Monday, June 9 deadline for all sides to reach an agreement. At the time of GeekWire’s report, June 10, regulations had yet to be finalized, however, no cease-and-desist had been issued.


Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story contained a typo that might have confused some readers. Uber says it’s new Boston pricing puts an UberX ride near half the price of a trip by taxi.