Hundreds of cyclists traveling down Commonwealth Avenue were pulled over by officers from the Boston University Police Department last weekend, after the school received complaints about erratic riders on two wheels cruising on the sidewalks, zipping through red lights and disobeying the rules of the road.

According to a report by, nearly a dozen cyclists climbing up the steady slope along Commonwealth Avenue were bilked of dollars bills after they were issued citations for violating traffic rules.

While 10 cyclists were handed $20 tickets, another 152 riders were stopped over the course of three days by officers from the school’s police department and were schooled on safe riding habits.

Half of those stopped were “members of the BU community,” some of whom had run-ins with officers on more than one occasion.

Boston University police were staked out at busy intersections along the stretch of road bypassing the University’s campus, an area they said is rife with riders who act erratic.

“They’re taking too many chances, driving through red lights, driving on sidewalks, and just basically not following the rules of the road,” Scott Paré, BUPD deputy director of public safety, told BUToday.

The safety campaign will keep going this week, as unsuspecting cyclists will be stopped if they violate basic biking rules.

According to Massachusetts state law, cyclists are supposed to adhere to the same traffic laws and regulations that cars follow, however, many riders only seem to get off with a warning.

Since Mayor Tom Menino launched Boston Bikes in 2007, ridership in the City has more than doubled.

In a report released last year by city officials, Commonwealth Avenue was identified as one of the areas in Boston with the most bike crashes.