With the novelty of the MBTA’s hip-hop hit “The Safety Bounce” beginning to wear off, Boston University has stepped in to bring a new level of street cred to Commonwealth Ave. BU Today released Tuesday a rollicking rap urging students to put their helmet on.

Called — well, fittingly — “Put Your Helmet On,” the educational ditty features Rhett the Terrier puppet, cautiously cycling through the city’s streets. After he dishes out tips on staying safe while “riding, riding, riding,” a rather aggressive driver drops a beat, spitting:

Oh yeah, you think you’re so cool? Riding like a big tool, looking like a big fool? Rolling past reds, weaving through like a basket case? Well I’ve got news: I can’t see you. I’ll hit you fast and hard, whoops-a-daisy! Speed kills, and my car hurts like crazy. … If you see me turning, don’t slip by on my side. I’ll turn into you, and you’ll be under my ride.

The video is all parts hilarious and appropriately awkward—per the style of the city’s other rider safety tunes. You can try and argue, until you hear the lyrics:

I’m up on my bike, I’m ready to go; lights on my butt and my front to show, all the cars and peeps on the street I’m here (uh huh!). My kickstand is up, I’m right in gear.

Kudos to Boston University for finding a fun way to promote bike safety, however. After all, you can read these educational tipsWe’re not in the Netherlands — but this is just way more amusing to watch.