Colleges are in crisis mode.

Enrollment is steeply slipping.

More than 40 percent of private colleges and universities saw a decline last year, and the next nine won’t be any better.

Now, cue Boston University chuckling in the corner, dishing out high-fives, “We-sure-showed-you” squeals and the hashtag #ProudtoBU.

The University saw a record-breaking number of applicants, ringing in at 52,532–a 20 percent increase over last year, according to BU Today.

President Robert Brown credits the University’s “unique global student experience” and increased quality of programs, while Provost Jean Morrison credits Brown for his “vision and leadership.”

We would credit Boston University being named the best place to go to college in the U.S., yet the real rise could have been all thanks to social media.

Boston University’s Facebook “Likes” rose by 30 percent and its Twitter followers by 47 percent.

Online college resource Zinch recently polled 7,000 high school students and discovered social media accounts are, indeed, influential to students trying to choose between different schools. A school’s level of engagement can make or break a decision. For students, being able to quickly connect with counselors about the admissions process is crucial.

Considering Boston University is one of the best in college social media, it’s no surprise they’re luring in those 52,532 high schoolers hoping to call the Hub home.

On average, the Class of 2017 ranks in the top 17 percent of their high school class and boasts an average GPA of 3.55. (Nothing we like more than some more smarties in the city.)

We’ll let Boston University brag for now, although they admit themselves, “Admissions now faces the difficult task of sorting through the tens of thousands of applications to fill the Class of 2017’s 3,800 slots, a full 100 less than last fall.”

Let’s just hope they’re using Matchbox.