Neighborhoods in the South End and Lower Roxbury will have access to the new health and wellness program that Boston University plans to launch, beginning in early 2013.

In partnership with the Boston Public Health Commission and Boston Centers for Youth & Families, the Boston University Health, Fitness and Wellness program targets youths and their families to develop healthier habits and daily routines in a separate area of the Blackstone Community Center they agreed to renovate, according to a press release.

The program supports Mayor Menino’s Boston Moves for Health, an initiative to broaden access to physical activities and healthy living resources at a low cost. Its location site was chosen due to its proximity to at-risk teens and families.

Boston University will fill the currently unused locker room in the community center with cardio equipment for fitness programs, nutrition counseling and other health-related programming. They also plan to train the on-site staff in fitness assessments and on how to use the Boston University-provided equipment properly. All wellness programs, unrelated to fitness, will also be solely Boston University-staffed.

Boston University is investing $1.25 million over five years in the renovation and development of the program, according to the Boston Globe.

The university also announced the donation of two hours of ice time on Sundays from noon to 2 p.m. for the Allston-Brighton hockey league and 100 camp slots run by Boston University athletic coaches to provide teens with the proper training to compete in rowing, basketball, wrestling, softball, lacrosse and hockey.

Boston University’s prior efforts to work on healthy living have had far reaching effects. Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, one of the departments contributing to the Blackstone Community Center, provides the Boston University community with the “sargent choice” option in the dining halls and other university-related food establishments. The goal is to promote healthy, yet delicious, food options for college students.

For more programs that support Menino’s initiative, check the BPHC schedule, which has a list of weekly summer fitness programs in Boston.

Photo Courtesy of  Cydney Scott for BU Photography