During this year’s alumni weekend, Boston University announced a rather aggressive goal: to raise one billion dollars. With the school’s total billed expenses ringing in at $56,184, one billion dollars could provide nearly 18,000 students with a year of free education.

Alright, so maybe Boston University’s not promising any handouts, but they are looking to make some changes, and who better to help them make those changes than South Korea’s newest claim to fame PSY?

The rapper’s “Gangnam Style” video has been viewed more than 345 million times since July 15th. Prior to his bedazzled stardom, however, PSY went by Park Jae-Sang and attended Boston University for one semester in 1997, reportedly living in Warren Towers. Fingers crossed for the school that the semester was a blissful one, considering BU Today writes he “can expect to hear at some point from the University, or its energetic South Korean alumni, about BU’s first comprehensive fundraising campaign.”

Boston University’s Vice President for Alumni Relations told BU Today that figuring out who’s got the money “is a very scientific endeavor,” admitting they have “a full-time research department that all day, every day tries to identify successful alumni, alumni of means — like PSY.”

Yet, should Boston University be the ones asking PSY to pull out his newly-stacked wallet? He only attended the school for a semester before spending about a year and  half studying at Berklee. Spokeswoman Liz Lupton told the Boston Globe Berklee has no plans to seek donations from PSY or anyone else at the moment, although, “in the meantime, [they’re] all practicing their ‘Gangnam Style’ dance moves.”

Lupton did give the inside scoop, however, claiming PSY’s major was undeclared at Berklee, and that he took courses in what’s now known as the Electronic Production and Design Department. Sounds to me like Berklee should be the one asking for the dollar bills. After all, Boston University is home to the “Most Interesting Man in the World” — he must have some cash hanging around, or at least some Dos Equis.

And just because I know you’ve been dying to hear the song, here’s PSY in several parody forms, thanks to some help from ViralGains.