A Boston University “Snowbrawl” broke out in the wake of winter storm Nemo on Friday night, allegedly drawing more than 2,000 students to the Esplanade. With those students came police reinforcements, however, and one unlucky undergraduate was taken into custody, according to The Daily Free Press.

Photos of the weeknight fight flooded Instagram, including one image (left) and video that suggested a student was tasered for throwing a snowball at a cop. At the time of publication, the Boston Police Department could not be immediately reached for comment.

The Boston University Police Department has acknowledged the student was detained for allegedly hitting an officer in the face, yet BUPD Captain Robert Molloy called foul, telling The Daily Free Press, “We never have carried tasers. The officer did not use a taser. He was flashing his flashlight to attract the attention of another officer.”

The student–who will remain unidentified–will reportedly be charged with disorderly conduct, assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. He will be summonsed to Roxbury District Court “sometime in the near future,” according to Molloy.

Plow trucks were clearing snow along Storrow Drive while the students were slinging snowballs. Police were then dispatched to the scene, so they could instruct them to clear the area.

“People having fun, that’s fine, but they need to be responsible as well,” said Colin Riley, Boston University’s executive director of media relations told BostInno via phone on Sunday.

One student told The Daily Free Press, the snowball-thrower was held “face-down in the snow for a good while,” until he was handcuffed and carried away. He was described as looking “limp when he was laying in the snow under the cop’s knee.”

The BUPD’s move has been met with mixed emotions. Some have called the arrest an overreaction, while others have praised the officers for making sure all students were safe.

Another snowball fiasco was held in Boston over weekend, but described as “fun.”

On Sunday, Boston residents tried to break a Guinness World Record for biggest the snowball fight ever. The Facebook page they created during the blizzard, however, was shut down. The event creator told BostInno it was because they were told they were publicizing something “hazardous.” Yet, she called the event “good clean fun.”

For a look at photos from the Boston University Snowbrawl, check out the slideshow below.