With classes cancelled due to Nemo, Boston University students got in the wintertime spirit, hosting “Snowbrawl 2013” on the Esplanade Friday night. More than 2,000 students allegedly RSVP’d to attend, clad in colorful snow goggles and apparently not enough layers to avoid screaming, “Ow.”

Police did show up to the scene. Multiple students were allegedly detained, and the photo below suggests one was tasered for throwing a snowball at a cop.

[UPDATE: The BUPD reported they do not carry tasers. For more information, click here.] 

Via @sexuality — This kid got tasered for just throwing a snowball at a cop … #FuckThePolice #Boston #Snowbrawl #Snowpocalypse

The Boston Police Department could not be immediately reached for comment. Yet, here is a video of police at the scene, as well as a video of the brawl. For more photos, look below.

Boston has already been hit with nearly 22 inches of snow. National Weather Service meteorologist Alan Dunham assures the snow is winding down and slowly moving away, yet NSTAR has reported about 241,000 power outages, while National Grid has reported about 161,000, according to the Boston Globe.

The MBTA will not be able to restore service today, and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s travel ban is still in effect. All motorists must be off the roads, with the exception of public works workers, government officials conducting official business, utility workers, healthcare workers who must travel to provide essential and news media. Those that violate the ban could be dealing with a penalty of up to one-year in prison, along with a hefty fine.

With expectations of up to three feet of snow from the blizzard, Patrick told people to prepare to be stuck at home for the next 24 to 48 hours.

Unless, of course, those people decide to throw a snowball fight. For more photos of the Boston University Snowbrawl, check out the slideshow below.