[UPDATE: The Daily Free Press issued an apology, which you can read here. The Editor-in-Chief was soon asked to resign, which you can then read here.]

Apparently Suffolk University’s student-run newspaper isn’t the only one who’s slipping up these days. Boston University’s Daily Free Press has just sparked quite the debate along Commonwealth Avenue. Over the weekend, they tweeted:

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Heeding their advice, students did pick up an edition of the paper. What they found, however, wasn’t anything funny. The front page story read, “BROken Egos: BU fraternity suspended for assaulting female students.” With the BU men’s ice hockey team already under investigation for recent sexual assault charges, no one found the story resembling anything close to an April Fool’s hoax.

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The Daily Free Press has already issued an apology over Twitter, saying:

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The BU community appears to agree, however, that an apology might not be enough. Here’s what they’re saying —

Lesson learned: Sometimes a joke can go a bit too far.