You suck.

Last month, Punxsutawney Phil came out of hibernation on Groundhog Day, didn’t see his shadow, and declared it would be an early spring.

Well, Phil, you dirty, little rodent, you were wrong. It is now less than 24 hours before the official start of spring, and Boston has six inches of snow on the ground.

This morning, I woke up to a very unpleasant surprise. No, it wasn’t those white piles of snow or the slush puddle I stepped into on my way to work.

Instead, it was an email alerting me to a tweet I sent one year ago today:

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I had to look at the email about three times to make sure I was reading that correctly.

On March 19, 2012, exactly one year ago today, Boston reached an unprecedented high temperature:

The hub set another record this month, reaching a high of 73 degrees this afternoon, breaking the record for March 19th, which was previously set at 72 degrees in 1903, according to the National Weather Service.

Oh, and the forecast for the rest of that week looked pretty pleasant, too:

Apparently, this sunshine trend isn’t going away anytime soon. As reports, temps could reach 90 degrees on Thursday, so start planning on taking that “personal” day off from work now.

This year, we’re hitting snowfall records instead.

First, there was the poorly-named Nemo back in February, which dumped two feet of snow on the Hub, paralyzing our lovely city for an entire weekend.

Then, earlier this month, another winter storm hit the Bay State, dumping 10 inches of snow on Boston.

And of course, this morning’s storm brought a fun mix of snow, sleet, rain and general misery. Oh, and it’s not done yet. The National Weather Service is warning that more snow is on its way and expected to make the commute home a particularly awful one.

To which I have to say: F*$k you, Punxsutawney Phil. F*$k you for getting our hopes up. F*$k you for making us prematurely look forward to warm sunshine, blooming flowers and flip flops. F*$k you for lying.

You owe us big time, Phil. We won’t forget this.