Where them Boston girls at? We’ve got some good news for you: The hub ranks third best metropolitan area in the nation for women’s well-being, according to a new study from the Social Science Research Council. The study, called the Measure of America project, analyzes metrics on health, education and standard of living to determine the well-being of a region.

Boston snags an overall well-being score of 6.36, with 90.8 percent of women in the hub earning a high school diploma and making an average of $31,503 per year. Additionally notable is the fact that life expectancy for women here comes in at 83 years old, with an overall health index of 7.08.

Check out the full statistics in the chart below:

Luckily for our friends down at InTheCapital, DC scored the number one spot on the list for women’s well-being with San Francisco following in a close second.

According to Sarah Burd-Sharps, co-director of Measure of America:

By studying differences between groups of women, across race and region, patterns begin to emerge that can inform policy-making discussion and highlight areas that require resources and attention from the public and private sectors-government, philanthropy, and academia.

Congrats to the ladies of Boston! The hub is clearly a good place to be… of course, we already knew that, didn’t we?