We’re all excited about the live music, boozing with our friends and co-workers, and friendly competition with the coolest brands in the Hub that is BostonFest. But, nothing brings a group of people together more than, well, food. With even more food truck options than last year (and fresh participants to boot), your mouth will be watering the second you arrive at the Seaport World Trade Center for #BostonFest 2013. Check out the participants who will be rolling in on August 8th, and get your VIP tickets now for food and beverage all night long!


Batch Ice CreamIn the words of owner, Susie Parish, “who doesn’t love an ice cream truck?” We couldn’t agree more. They’ll be offering the following flavors (and more) in cups or cones at BostonFest:

  • Salted Caramel – Sweet and with a hint of saltiness, this flavor is insanely delicious.  Crafted using their own caramel made from local cream, butter, and sea salt.
  • Cinnamon & Chocolate Bits – Special infusion technique with cinnamon sticks creates a truly unique and very popular flavor, with some chocolate chips for a bit of crunch!
  • Chocolate – Not ordinary chocolate ice cream, Batch’s Chocolate is made by melting down organic, Fair Trade dark chocolate bar and combining the base with a superb cocoa powder to produce a deep, rich, chocolate flavor.
  • Ginger – The zing of real ginger pieces provides the perfect yin for this creamy ice cream’s yang.  East meets West in sweet harmony here.

Are you hungry yet? We’re just getting started!

Area Four – This bakery/bar hybrid’s menu highlights local, organic and sustainable ingredients. In addition to their famed woodfire pizzas with an assortment of gourmet toppings, Area Four currently features the Kafta Piadina, made from Lebanese beef and pork sausage, spicy yogurt sauce, romaine, cilantro and parsley and roasted red peppers. Other BostonFest must-eats? The roasted vegetable sandwich with green beans, olives and lemon vinaigrette, or, for more traditional foodies, the Classic, which features Prosciutto on A4’s cheese blend and arugula.

Boston Shuckin’ Truck – What would a ‘Fest celebrating life in Boston be without a little  homemade clam chowdah? Boston Shuckin’ Truck is here to the rescue, boasting local seafood sourced from local fishing vessels in Point Judith, RI and the Boston fish pier. At BostonFest, they’ll be featuring our new “Pescarito” – a fish burrito, Shuckin’ Truck style. According to owner Nancy Ciara, you have to try the lobster and scallop rolls, just be aware that “once you try the scallops, there’s no going back!”

Sweet Tomatoes Pizza – With all the Harpoon at BostonFest, we had to have a lot of pizza. After all, we’re all just a bunch of young professionals who will take any opportunity to relive some of our college days. If you’re looking for your 3am Dominos slice though, Sweet Tomatoes can’t really help you. That’s because their delectable pies range from White Greek to Chicken Fajita, with everything in between. With traditional flavors and gourmet, Food Network-ready slices like the Harvest (Granny smith apples, caramelized onions, dried cranberries, mozzarella, & goat cheese) and the Luxe Potato (Yukon gold potatoes, fontina cheese & truffle oil), Sweet Tomatoes offers something for everyone.

The Dining Car – Back for more BostonFest action this year, The Dining Car‘s mouth-watering menu features a wide array of internationally-inspired items and artisan breads (their focaccia is baked right on the truck). The ever-changing menu features meats and seasonal produce, representing Boston’s local agriculture. As for me, I’m shaking some Alex’s Ugly Sauce, on my Crispy Cauliflower or Korean Pork Bulgogi Slider.

The Chicken & Rice Guys –  If you’re into hot sauces, you’ll want to stop at the Chicken & Rice Guys truck. Along with some arroz con pollo, these guys boast the “addictingly delicious white sauce and the extra spicy-hot red sauce”. Served with rice, lettuce and pita, with a choice of lamb gyro, halal chicken, a combination of both, or just veggies, they’ll offer tasty snack-size tidbits, perfect for the end of the evening.

What better way to celebrate living, working, playing (and eating) in the great city we call home than with six food trucks using local produce and products? Buy your VIP wristbands now for access to these tasty treats! You won’t have this opportunity again until next year!

See you at the Seaport!