In Boston, 2013 will be the year of reality television.

The A&E show “Southie Rules,” about a family in one of the Hub’s most notorious neighborhoods, airs in January, and already it has created a buzz in Boston.

Now, Donnie Wahlberg’s long-awaited cop docudrama will follow suit.

On Wednesday, February 27, “Boston’s Finest,” an unscripted series about officers in the line of duty in the Hub, will air on TNT.

Wahlberg, a Dorchester native and the show’s executive producer, recently told the Globe that the eight-episode series pays tribute to “quality human beings who do heroic things in a very dangerous environment.”

While the show is about police officers making arrests in Boston, viewers shouldn’t expect the same type of reality television shenanigans that have become typical on the series “Cops.”

According to the show’s description, “Boston’s Finest” will be an “unfiltered, real-life” look into the personal lives of the men and women from the entire department—from SWAT team members to detectives and even beat patrol.

“Their unparalleled heart, drive, bond and humor are what make them Boston’s Finest,” according to a description of the show.

Below is a trailer from the series: