The fate of Boston’s television reputation is in the hands of Donnie Wahlberg.

After the mess that was “Southie Rules” aired on Tuesday, leaving residents from the area with a bad taste in their mouths, and worse memories in their minds, some worried that the Hub would be viewed negatively on a national level.

But Wahlberg, a Dorchester native, released a new clip from his upcoming cop docu-drama, “Boston’s Finest,” giving locals a ray of hope and a chance to redeem the city’s good name on TV.

In the new, five-minute video, which is packed with shots of iconic Boston monuments and sites, Wahlberg talks about the perks of being from the Hub, including the relatively small size of the city, compared to New York, and the “greater sense of pride” people have.

Wahlberg takes viewers through Dorchester, where he grew up on Mercier Avenue, something he called a “tough, tough neighborhood” where he got into “so much trouble” with his brother, Mark.

The video then begins to introduce the men and women behind the Boston badge who protect and serve the community.

“They can communicate with the kids and the gangs and try and give them choices and try and steer them the right way,” Wahlberg said. “These are neighborhood people who are protecting the very streets they grew up on.”

“Boston’s Finest,” which follows around SWAT team members, detectives and beat patrol officers, airs on Wednesday, February 27.

The eight-episode series promises to be an “unscripted” account of the daily work police units in the city conduct, unlike the pre-packaged entertainment brought on by “Southie Rules.”

Wahlberg said the officers picked to star on the show are a “good slice” of the thousands of men and women from the Boston Police Department.

“A lot of networks had approached me about doing a reality show about the Boston Police Department,” said Wahlberg. He told producers he couldn’t do the show for most networks because they wanted to show “guys kicking down doors and beating people over the head.”

“It’s not what my city is about,” he said.