Say yes to the dress with pockets for snacks                                                   

You know what I love? Snacks. Regardless of your personal snack of choice – fruit, veggies, candy, crackers – there’s something just special about snack time. Or maybe it’s just the fat kid in me talking…? Whatever.

But what munchies mean the most to us living here in Boston? One Redditor set out to find out what iconic snacks were associated with our city, and with the help of the community, we now have a full list of tasty treats to pack for your next Boston themed party, if you go to or throw those. 

And you know those out of town relatives who love everything ‘Boston’? We’re guessing they’ll eat this up – literally. Disclaimer: Some of these snacks may have roots more associated with other parts of New England, but hey, we can all share, right? (And while those lobster lollipops and Boston Baked Beans were suggested, let’s not get into snacks indigenous to Boston gift shops.)

So read up, stock up, then…