Just when you thought wedding proposals couldn’t get any cornier, this guy took it to a whole new level. On a recent trip to Boston, Hoboken, NJ couple Courtney Gambardella, 29, and Brian Bradley, 30, decided to visit the New England Aquarium. According to a post on the Aquarium’s website, Gambardella knew her boyfriend was acting fishy all day (pun intended), and when they stopped to stare into the giant tank a scuba diver appeared in front of the couple with a sign laminated sign in his hands that read, “Courtney will you marry me.”

Check out the video of the proposal below. It’s so bad, it’s good.

To all my gentlemen suitors, don’t ever do this for me. It’s weird. Although the diver’s expressions are  pretty hilarious and make up for the awkwardness of an underwater proposal.

After this trouble, the couple is basically required to have an ocean-themed wedding.