Voters in Massachusetts seem to be under the impression that former Senator Scott Brown may have been drunk Tweeting early Saturday morning.

A series of Tweets to constituents that merely said “whatever,” garnered a slew of responses from those who follow Brown on Twitter.

What started with a presumed announcement about a possible run for the U.S. Senate seat, left vacant by Sen. John Kerry, following his appointment to Secretary of State, led to a blast of odd responses from Brown later in the evening, including the word “bqhatevwr.”



Following the Tweets, which were posted just before 1 a.m., the hashtag #bqhatevwr was trending nationally, and continued to do so in Boston on Saturday morning, with dozens of people making jokes about the made up word that Brown fired out during his alleged late night social media rant.



State Representative Aaron Michlewitz even took a jab at Brown, asking followers if he should submit a bill to ban drunk Tweeting:

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On Saturday, Brown didn’t acknowledge the responses from his followers, and merely Tweeted that he was exercising with his wife, Gail. Of course, Twitter had a general reply for his statement: “#bqhatevwr , Scott.”