So Brad Marchand wasn’t in the Bruins’ championship DVD because he was apparently too drunk to be interviewed. What’d’ya want from the man? He’s a young kid, just won a championship with an organization suffering a 39-year drought. The dude is going to party.

From the article in the upcoming Sports Illustrated, here’s how it all went down for the feisty winger from Halifax:

“(After the Cup, lineman Tyler Seguin) and I went on a bit of a tear, partying pretty much every night for a while,” Marchand told Sports Illustrated. “I went home and kinda continued it. I thought [winning a championship] was something that might never happen, so I was trying to take it all in, enjoy it…. My dad sat me down and sorta gave me a lashing. He told me if we win two of the next three years, he’d leave me alone.”

Is anyone that surprised by this news? You all saw the team’s Foxwoods receipt, right? This is a team of partiers in a city known for drinkin’. And Cheers to that.

The DVD chronicles the Championship season with highlights throughout the whole year, so I can’t imagine Marchand is totally absent from it. He’ll be there in clips, helping you relive the whole season and ultimately winning it all. So he’s there in spirit. Hey, if the players are too drunk, then the season probably ended well, save for last year’s Red Sox.