Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, the Brazilian pair of identical twins that make up preeminent urban street art duo Os Gęmeos (Portuguese for “The Twins”) are in Boston in preparation for their first solo museum exhibition here in the states at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA). The exhibition, which will run from August 1 through November 25 will feature works of painting, sculpture and notably a gigantic mural by Dewey Square, which is being made in conjunction with the exhibition opening.

People snapped pictures of the duo getting started on their enormous Greenway Wall mural, which should bring some color to an otherwise drab looking building.

Day 2 of painting the mural is officially underway this morning. It’s pretty amazing to track the progress through pictures and seeing just how fast and efficiently the two work, especially on such a large scale project.

Os Gęmeos themselves have been tweeting sporadically about the project, tracking their progress. So too has the ICA and the Rose Kennedy Greenway. So definitely keep up with those throughout the day to bring some color into the gray, lifeless confines of your cubicle.