The fifth and final season of AMC’s “Breaking Bad” kicked off with a bang Sunday night, topping social TV charts for the weekend with 123,361 Facebook and Twitter comments! In comparison, the season 4 premiere received 17,487 social media comments – meaning this year’s premiere saw a 605% increase in commentary!

The episode began with a mysterious flash-foward to Walt’s 52nd birthday, which he celebrates alone in a Denny’s, before purchasing a machine gun in a shady bathroom deal.

But before viewers can make sense of Walt’s purchase – plus his new identify as a New Hampshire resident – they are thrust back to the present, where a frantic Walt, Jesse, and Mike scramble to destroy the meth lab footage on Gus’s computer, which is already in police custody. The solution? In the words of the ever-quotable Jesse Pinkman:

You gotta hand it to Vince Gillian – he really knows how to orchestrate a criminal caper!

Here’s our full infographic from Sunday’s episode: