Oh my god. The first promo trailer for the fifth and final season of Breaking Bad just came out and it’s 15 seconds of sheer badassness with a hint of hilarity and a dash of terror. Walter White, our favorite protagonist (antagonist?) is absolutely menacing, seen here informing his crooked lawyer, Mr. Saul Goodman that their relationship will exist for as long as Walt wants it to to Goodman’s dismay.

Breaking Bad comes back to AMC on July 15, airing Sunday nights at 10. Take a look (spoilers after the jump!).

Season 5 will be broken up into two eight episode sequences, the first of which, obviously, starts a little more than a month from now. Season four left off with Walt declaring he had won having blown the face off arch nemesis and chicken man, Gus Fring by way of a kamikaze geezer from the Cartel (ding, ding, ding!).

His frienemy and cooking parter, Jesse Pinkman is unaware that Walt was the maniacal SOB that poisoned Brock, and really, like with Jane, you’ve got to assume Jesse will never find out. Who’s going to tell him? Gus?

I’m personally pretty intrigued as to see what Mike’s role will be, coming back from that make shift hospital warehouse thing in Mexico. He was an awesome character, so I hope he’s not forgotten with Gus’ whole operation torn asunder.

Either way, July 15 can’t come soon enough. I’ll probably watch this trailer 100 or so times today and over the next few weeks until something else new comes up or I blow up with excitement before that.

We know this is all going to blow up in Walt’s face. It has too, right? Methinks a force more nefarious than Pollos, the twins, Tuco, the DEA, and lung cancer combined waits around the corner for Mr. White.

That force? It goes by the name Heisenberg.