Someone over at the Lowell Spinners organization needs a serious raise.

After organizing last year’s Speed Date with Tyler Seguin, the Red Sox’s Singe-A affiliate welcomed former Celtic and new assistant coach of the Golden State Warriors, Brian Scalabrine. Rather than having the chance to speed date the White Mamba, fans were treated to a wrestling match between Scalabrine and a dwarf dressed as a leprechaun.

UPDATE: Here’s footage of the incident.

Rich Shertenlieb of 98.5 The Sports Hub tweeted this picture of the incident, though more are hard to come by.

As Scalabrine told Toucher & Rich this morning, the two were engaged in a game of musical chairs, which quickly became contentious. One ran at Scalabrine, who hurdled over him. From the Spinners’ website:

Scott Cote tweeted this picture of Scalabrine in a wrestling ring of some sort. Note Scal is wearing a Silver Knights shirt; the Spinners faced the Staten Island Yankees on Put Scalabrine to Work Night. So this must mean he’s done this multiple times.

Here’s a picture via Noelle Richard of the Lowell Spinners of Scal with the leprechauns from Friday night.

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