I’m sorry but, is anyone else gripping their couch for dear life every Sunday as they watch the last season of “Breaking Bad”? While I can’t possibly predict how the AMC drama will end (no spoiler alert here), I will tell you that starting on September 13, you can see the three-time Emmy Award winning actor, Bryan Cranston, right here in Boston. The “Breaking Bad” star will be acting as the — not-as-bad — President Lyndon B. Johnson in the play “All The Way.”

So what could the 36th President of the United States and Walter White possibly have in common? If you think Cranston’s role as LBJ is a long cry from the complicated character, Walter White, think again. After all, both characters were forced into high-pressure jobs unexpectedly. And, both build a legacy of success and controversy marred by increased violence. In my mind, it makes sense that both these roles would attract such a complex and talented actor as Bryan Cranston.

And you’ll soon be able to see him for yourself at the American Repertory Theater at Harvard University from September 13 through October 12. The drama, set in the 1960’s, takes place after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and follows Vice President Lyndon Johnson’s transition to the Presidency. Considering this play is written by a Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, it can’t be half bad. And since Bryan Cranston is (in my opinion) wholly awesome, this should ensure it will be worth your time.

Just last week, Bryan Cranston told The Boston Globe, he’s been in Boston “a few weeks for rehearsal and says he’s only turned on the TV twice, to watch “Breaking Bad.” The fate of Walter White is no longer on his mind as he “tackles” his  “rehearsal period just like Lyndon would, and it’s just like that, an attack.”

Tickets for the show are sold out for the first six days, but after that, seats are available. You can purchase them on the website now. Also, according to the website, you can purchase Standing Room Only tickets for select sold-out shows on the day of each show at the A.R.T. Box Office. But you must do it in person — not online. The Box Office will open at 12 p.m., but there is no standing room for “previews, Opening Night or the final performance.” Good to know if you’re waiting until the last minute to plan your Bryan Cranston night-out. However, thanks to FOMO on Bryan Cranston, I’ve already secured my ticket. And I suggest you do the same.