Harvard Business School might have topped MIT Sloan in the Best Business School rankings mid-November, but the entrepreneurially-minded students have spoken. And if you want to start something, their advice is not to cross the bridge from Cambridge over to Allston, but perhaps stay in the city or make the trek out to Babson instead.

Bloomberg Businessweek ranked the top MBA programs for entrepreneurship and Harvard Business School has been left from the list. Filling the void are MIT Sloan and Babson, snagging the second and third spots, respectively.

The site writes they asked MBAs from the Class of 2012 to fill out an online survey “about the full range of their business school experience, from getting in to getting a job.” One section of the survey, specifically, asked students to rank individual aspects of their program on a scale from “poor” to “outstanding”–including entrepreneurship.

MIT students sang Sloan’s praises, putting MIT in the second spot, only behind Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. Businessweek pointed to the 23-year-old MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition, which has given birth to over 160 companies and, consequently, 4,600 new jobs.

At Sloan, students can earn a certificate in entrepreneurship and innovation by completing a mix of required courses and entrepreneurship electives. They must also submit at least one business plan for the $100K competition, according to Businessweek.

Creeping up just behind MIT was Babson–a school that’s been able to make the word “entrepreneurship” its own. Just last semester, both the College’s undergraduate and graduate programs were ranked number one in the country.

So, where was Harvard Business School on the list? Not in the top 10, but here’s a look at who was.