Big coffee news for all those caffeine addicted Bostonians out there. We’re about to get a little taste of Italy right in our backyards. Caffe Nero, a European style coffee house, plans to open its first-ever U.S. coffee house in Boston’s Millennium Place this April.

According to an official release, the new Downtown Crossing Caffe Nero location will offer “premium award-winning Italian coffee blended and roasted in an old world style, a warm and authentic coffee house atmosphere, and freshly-made artisan food.” Rejoice!

The reason Boston was chosen as it’s first U.S. location could perhaps have something to do with the fact that Gerry Ford, chairman and founder of Caffč Nero, formerly lived in Boston as a graduate student. He stated in a release:

“I love Boston because it is such a beautiful, vibrant city. I lived here as a graduate student and feel it is a natural fit for our first U.S. location. We think coffee lovers will enjoy our award-winning blends and appreciate the hours of craftsmanship Caffč Nero puts into each cup we serve.”

For those who haven’t yet wandered into a Caffe Nero, the coffee house is a European, family-owned company– and It is the largest independent coffee retailer in Europe, with more than 650 stores, operating across 7 countries.

Jay Gentile, director of U.S. operations for Caffč Nero, states in a release, “We’re looking to bring European coffee house culture to the United States… Caffč Nero is an accessible, friendly coffee house where customers are welcome to grab a bite to eat, meet friends, catch up on work or simply read and relax.”