BostInno’s Campus News Network is a collection of Channels featuring nearly 20 local student organizations making waves on their respective campus. Whether starting a company, helping newfound peers launch their own or putting pen to paper to craft a story the community needs to hear, these students are tackling today’s issues in a way that has a meaningful impact on tomorrow.

This week the Campus News Network brings you Startup Rounds, an interview with the social media strategist at Hill Holliday and a discussion of gender in sports media. There may also be a Saturday class in the future for Bentley students. So, hold on to your seat and get ready to catch up on what’s new and happening at campuses around Boston.

From the Babson Entrepreneurship Club

Since Babson has been voted the No. 1 school for entrepreneurship for the 17th year in a row, it only makes sense that the Babson Entrepreneurship Club is offering Startup Rounds, a contest that all students and alumni startups with less than $1 million are welcome to enter. The prize pool now consists of $3,000 in seed funding. The BEC also provides startups with four tips on how to test the market, which is pertinent for anyone looking to launch a business.

From the Boston University Marketing Club

In an interview with Kelsey Graham, social media strategist for Hill Holliday, the Boston University Marketing Club learned what Graham does as a social media strategist and how much the employees at Hill Holliday care for each other. The BUMC also takes a look at Microsoft’s attempts to attract a younger audience and bring itself out of the past.

From IDEA: Northeastern University’s Venture Accelerator

If you’re ready to introduce your new and unique product or service to investors, you must keep certain tips in mind during these nerve-wracking meetings. IDEA has five tips for you to remember so that you succeed. On Thursday, IDEA hosted one of the more prominent business figures to come out of Northeastern. Roger Marino graduated from Northeastern in 1961 and started the company EMC. Students picked his brain about entrepreneurship and business all night. Read the recap to find out what he said. Also, hear about five upcoming startup events you don’t want to miss out on.

From the NU Entrepreneurs Club

Interested in what it felt like to attend the MassChallenge Awards? NU Entrepreneurship club member Kate Murdock shares her experience from the competition and how EClub helped her make the most of her experience. The energy and motivation at the event was one of her favorite parts, and is one of the reasons she enjoys the startup community.

From the NU Marketing Association

Did you ever wonder why female athletes are generally portrayed as barely breaking a sweat in non-strenuous positions while male athletes are generally captured in the middle of a strenuous move and sweating all over? The NU Marketing Association invited Betsy and Suzanne from Out of Bounds to the group’s most recent meeting to discuss these very issues and other topics related to gender in sports media.

From The Vanguard at Bentley University

If you hear a lot of groans coming from Bentley University next semester, it might be because they will now have class on a Saturday. Students who have Monday class next semester will find themselves in a mandatory makeup class on Saturday, Jan. 25, the first Saturday back from winter break. This is in reaction to the high number of Monday holidays that fall during the spring semester and the failed attempt to create a makeup in the morning and activity period last year. On Monday, Bentley hosted CNN’s Dan Merica, a Bentley alumnus who is now the associate producer for CNN politics. Merica talked about the state of journalism and encouraged students to “break out of the norm” to fulfill their dreams. On Sunday, Bentley’s South Asian Student Association celebrated Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, with the performance of Jumanji: The Game of Diwali. This is the sixth year the group has held its annual celebration in honor of the holiday.