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This week, Greater Boston’s universities prove they can give back to the community by raising money for the millions of people who have been affected by the typhoon in the Philippines and by volunteering their time to make the lives of kids suffering from lifelong illnesses a bit brighter. They also focused on bettering their own futures with events that enhanced Global Entrepreneurship Week, and even managed to fit in a discussion of something that is affecting all of us at this time of year: holiday ads. So take a few minutes to catch up on what Boston’s young minds have been working on this week.

From the Boston University Marketing Club

Chaos, as a result of inflation, has struck Venezuela this week and President Nicolás Maduro has only made things worse. In an attempt to solve the problem, Maduro decreased prices in electronics stores around the country. But instead of having the desired effect, it resulted in a lot of people losing money, caused many bonds to drop and has even led to several arrests. Maduro has also sent soldiers to occupy the Daka electronics chain in Caracas to force the stores to sell their products at lower prices. Learn more from the BU Marketing Club.

From IDEA: Northeastern University’s Venture Accelerator

This week was Global Entrepreneurship Week and Northeastern provided its entrepreneurs-in-training with many opportunities to reach out to the business community. One such member of the community was Richard D’Amore, who combined with fellow alumnus Alan McKim to make a philanthropic investment in Northeastern’s global and entrepreneurship-based approach to business and education. D’Amore defined what entrepreneurship means for Northeastern and how it is present in the school’s DNA when he spoke at the Global Entrepreneurship Week kick-off earlier this week.

From the NU Marketing Association

As we have all probably noticed, marketing companies have deemed it the holiday season and have begun bombarding us with advertisements wrapped in bows. The NU Marketing Association weighs the pros and cons of holiday advertisements, and asks whether this has benefited or hurt our holiday purchases.

From The Vanguard at Bentley University

Bentley University students Jade Scangarello and Johanne De Silva are working together to spread awareness and organize relief contributions for the people in the Philippines who have suffered as a result of Typhoon Haiyan. The storm displaced millions of people and left the country with $1.1 billion in damages. These two Bentley students have decided to do something about it. And on the athletic field, Bentley teams have joined up with Team IMPACT to help kids with life threatening diseases. Team IMPACT is a nonprofit that matches kids to college sports teams. As a result of this partnership, Bentley has raised $2,400 for the Immune Deficiency Foundation this fall.