This week’s photo was gleaned from Reddit Boston user Pensky and depicts a forlorn Honda Accord with a smashed window and, inexplicably, one of its rear doors missing. I’ve got a couple theories for this–chief among them that the market for rare transportation-related doors in Boston seems to be heating up–but I’ll let you all supply the commentary.

Here’s how this works: Give that photo a good long look; really stare at it. Now think to yourself: Why on earth would somebody bother stealing a rear car door? Why did they leave those gorgeous red pillows in their wake? And why didn’t they target that Prius in the background instead? Now put your best ideas –as many as you can think of–in the comments section below for a chance to score a $25 gift card to one of these excellent Grafton Group establishments: Park Restaurant & Bar, Temple Bar, Russell House Tavern or, my personal favorite, Grafton Street.

Do yourself a favor and get a little creative on this one. Past entries have been witty, topical and original, so you’ll need to muster some serious mojo to take home the top prize. You can do it. Remember: You can submit as many caption as you’d like but they’ll only count toward the prize if they’re on the website.

Last Week’s Caption Contest Friday Winner

A big thanks to everyone who submitted captions to last week’s contest, which, if you’ll recall, featured a particularly festive flock of ducklings parading through the Boston Public Gardens.

As is becoming the custom, there were lots of great entries last week, including several playful jabs at Boston Police officers and the Fiscal Cliff. In the end, though, there could only be one winner. And his name is William Duffey, the owner of this clever quip:

“Cover your eyes kids … I don’t want you to see your father this way.” (As they pass a group of tourists riding the swan boat.)

For the record, a quick office poll here at BostInno agreed that the science behind a duck mating with a swan is highly questionable, not to mention those adorable ducklings that Mama Duck has in tow would actually be some new species entirely–Duwans? Swucks?–but hey, I’m willing to overlook that for the sake of crafty (albeit somewhat creepy) creativity. Congrats to you, William!