Cambridge-based CarGurus isn’t just one of the final four in BostInno’s Tech Madness competition. It’s also getting into the automotive dating market, whatever that means.

We strongly believe that Vinder will be the beginning of many beautiful relationships.

Ahead of April Fools’ Day, the automotive shopping website launched “Vinder,” a tongue-in-cheek “Tinder for cars,” and it actually works, letting you swipe right and left on cars from its inventory and then actually make a purchase. The company said in a press release that the new car matchmaking app aims to help “lonely car searchers discover their next joyride.”

“It’s no secret that a vast majority of people are infatuated with their cars,” the company added.

Before you start swiping, the app lets you choose what kind of cars you’re into, whether it’s “a weekend fling,” “marriage material,” “hard working,” the outdoorsy type” or “an exotic foreigner.”

“CarGurus is built on the premise of helping car buyers find the best deal on their desired car and Vinder is taking that a step further by actually matching a perfect pairing,” said CarGurus CEO Langley Steinert, who’s listed as the resident matchmaker in the press release. “CarGurus has conducted detailed research and analysis on the budding swipe economy and we strongly believe that Vinder will be the beginning of many beautiful relationships.”

It’s not currently known how long the app will be up for, but we do think this app is rather one-sided in that cars can’t actually choose their owner, unlike real Tinder matches. Or can they? At least Speed Buggy would like to think so.