Before each game, the Boston Bruins play a friendly, albeit intense, game of two-touch. Any disturbance of the game is downright sacrilege. When members of the national media came to town for the Stanley Cup Final last summer, several out-of-towners craned their neck to see where all the grunts and screams were coming from. The Boston beat writers, on the other hand, knew the source of the commotion quite well

The Bruins posted this video of Swedish winger Carl Soderberg honing his skills, keeping it going for far longer than the 15 seconds Instagram permits. He is, in short, a wizard.

Keep in mind, Soderberg has 20/80 vision in his left eye and once told the Globe‘s Amalie Benjamin, “Actually, I don’t see much at all,” describing what little vision he has as “only shadows.”

According to the Bruins’ Caryn Switaj, Soderberg doesn’t participate in two-touch with the team. Good, for morale’s sake.